Oh WOW guys! I got so many amazing offers. Thank you ever so much. I am really humbled by your generosity!
I have found a custom doll that caught my eye immediately. The owner is aware. I am sorry I couldn’t contact you all personally. I have read all your emails and you are all so sweet! ❤

Stay tuned in my Instagram for a proper giveaway hopefully soon!!!

Hello everyone!

I finished this Pineapple Princess custom yesterday. She will be my last custom in a while because we are moving to a new city. Hopefully I will have my new studio set up fast in our new house and I can get back to work before Christmas.
Anyways, when applying the second layer of spray something happened. I think it might have been a too thick layer in this one part of the face. And these strange marks appeared (see photo! It’s not as visible unless you look closely.) I tried to cover it up with more colour and a new layer of spray but it didn’t help. Well there is nothing I hate more than removing old make up and starting again so I thought I would let her go as she is. Since the flaw is there because of my laziness I won’t accept money for her so don’t offer me any – please! Instead I would love to trade her for something of the following:

  • Stock dolls. Only legit Takara and uncustomized. Only RBL!!! Absolutely NO RBL+ or RBL renew! No bald girls! I will require more than one stock girl! Don’t offer me one expensive stock girl. They will be customized so I would rather have some from the cheaper end.
  • A custom doll. I am very very picky about my private collection. Please don’t be offended if I say no. It can be a doll you made or a doll someone else made but you own. I am not comfortable taking super expensive dolls in exchange because she has a flaw. So please offer something that’s cheaper than my dolls!!! No fake customs! Icy Dolls welcome.

Please don’t offer me any of the following. I will not respond your email if you do! 😉

  • No doll clothes/furniture/rement….
  • No BJDs
  • No bait dolls
  • No MONEY!
  • No SBL, EBL, RBL+/renew
  • No re roots
  • No scalps
  • No vinyl dolls, Momokos, Liccas…

She will travel naked in a random box. No stand or stock items. I have packed away all my doll stuff already.
Scalp from a pale girl. Has a small gap. Tan fake Licca body.




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