Loretta (SOLD)

Meet Loretta! Please read all information carefully!

She is available to those with less than 5 Tiina dolls. So if you have 5 or more Tiina customs, old or new, you don’t qualify. SOLD TO THE FIRST PERSON TO CONTACT ME! NO RAFFLE THIS TIME!

  • Base doll: Prima Dolly Ginger. Tan SBL mold
  • Tan Licca body
  • Scalp by AkaBlythe. Cropped to a short bob.
  • 2 pairs of realistic Puppelina chips, 2 pairs handpainted by me.
  • Lid art and sleep eyes!
  • Chamil Garden neck tattoo. (stamped)
  • Open mouth and teeth
  • Will travel with the outfit in the last photo. Nothing else in included!


  • Scalp is on a pale dome so no colour match. There is also a little gap between scalp and faceplates.
  • Small glue stain on her forehead right at the edge of the faceplate. Can send a photo if requested. Covered by bangs.
  • Licca body is quite orange. So I wasn’t able to match the face with the body quite as well as usually.  See top photo

She will be sold as is. I will not change hair, body or chips. Remember that you are buying a hand made custom doll.




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