Spider (SOLD)

This is Spider. She is a first year art student and a huge fan of the band The Cure. She thinks Disintegration is the best album ever! She never leaves the house without it.


  1. Base doll Mod Molly. A pale SBL mold
  2. Pale Licca body
  3. She wears a wild high quality mohair wig. I will not glue it on as I feel it’s easier to style and comb it when it’s not attached. I can glue it on if you wish.
  4. There is a “shaved” tan scalp under the wig
  5. All new chips. 2 pairs of Puppelina chips and 2 handpainted
  6. Lid art but no sleep eyes
  7. Slightly open mouth. No teeth.
  8. Will travel in her custom wooden box with all the clothes and accessories you see in the photos. Little surprise inside her bag.
  9. The Cure album Disintegration included.
  10. Tattoo of a spider in her neck.


Since the list was short everyone was given their raffle number personally. Here is the winning number!

Thank you everyone who participated! ❤

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 13.02.02



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