Odelia (SOLD)

This is Odelia.

She available only for 1st time buyers!!! If no first time buyers are interested I will make her available to everyone. Please do not buy on someone else’s behalf! That is not fair.
She will be sold to the fastest buyer. No raffle this time – sorry! I need a smooth and fast transaction. So when you email me this means that you have read the full listing and understood the terms.


  • Base doll is Mrs Retro Mama. She has been shaded to match the colour of a tan Licca body. I use pastels only. So no airbrushing or spray paints used.
  • Scalp by AkaBlythe. Cropped short with a long braid in the back. Greyish roots and strawberry blonde tips. Please notice that the scalp is on a pale dome so no colour match with face plates.
  • 3 pairs of realistic Puppelina chips. One pair original special colour
  • Lid art but no sleep eyes. New lashes
  • Eyebrows made to match her hair
  • Unlike usually I have also customized the back plate. She has a compass neck tattoo.
  • Sealed with satin finish spray for natural glow
  • Slightly open mouth but no teeth. Red piece of fabric inside mouth (see last photo!)


  • Mrs Retro Mama plastic seems to be more brittle than regular translucent girls’. When I opened her the posts that the screws attach to broke right off. (see last photo.) This means her face plates are held together by the top screw only. They did click on so the head won’t open unless you apply strong pressure and open the top screw.





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