Versailles (SOLD)

Versailles is a custom BB Girl doll. Read all the information carefully!

  • I have replaced her original tall articulated body with a Licca body so that she can wear Blythe clothes. The Licca neck piece had to be slightly modified to fit inside the head.
  • I have carved her nose and mouth and given the eyes a new shape.
  • Her original eye balls have been removed and replaced with Taeyang modded eyes with Puppelina glass eyechips. They are attached with a putty same way as you attach BJD eyes. They can be replaced.
  • Her face plate is attached with a magnet. More photos of her anatomy in my IG!
  • She wears a curly Monique wig. The wig is not glued on so you can change it if you like. Size 8-9″.
  • Will come dressed in the outfit you see in the full body photo with a red coat. Set will include: The MissBlythe coat, grey hat, MissBlythe scarf, Coolcat pantyhose, Takara boots and Minnalove skirt. (No shirt)


Sorry I am late with the raffle!!! Here is the list of potential buyers:

  1. Sita
  2. Holly
  3. Danielle
  4. Little_K
  5. Simlian
  6. Lizzie
  7. Chanel

Thank you everyone who were interested!




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