Innes (SOLD)

Hello everyone!

This is my annual Autumn Girl this year. She is Innes and she is looking for a new home. Please read all information carefully before offering to buy! I’m happy to answer any further questions. Contact through email only!

  • Base doll Sunday Best (BL mold)
  • Scalp Pow Wow Poncho. Washed and treated and cut to a layered style.
  • Eye balls from SBL, lids original
  • 4 new pairs of chips. 2 pairs of realistic Puppelina chips and 2 handpainted by me.
  • Original Licca body (regular neck)
  • Travels in clothes you see in photos. No shoes.
  • Sealed with satin finish spray so face is slightly shiny
  • Lid art, no sleep eyes
  • New brown lashes


  • Since scalp is from another mold the fit is not 100% perfect
  • Some pairs of eyes need some adjusting with finger.






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