Please read!

Hello everyone!

I decided to write this post to explain how I work. I get so many emails every week asking for commissions or trades that I can’t answer everyone personally. So in the future I will guide you here in my blog to read this post.
I wish I had the time to talk with everyone personally but since I only work some hours a day that is not currently possible. I am still most importantly a mother to an awesome little 3 year old rascal who gets all my attention.

I mostly work on my own projects. I have found that is the best way for me to work. I used to take commissions in the past but it is too stressful. Commissions tend to be sort of “forced”. The client usually has this particular idea in her head and bringing that to life is impossible. And even if I am given “all the time in the world” to finish a commission there’s still this nagging voice in my head constantly telling me to work. That right there my friends is what kills my mojo and the dolls turn out looking just like that.
So what I am trying to say here is: Absolutely NO COMMISSIONS!

Next thing is trades. Sure you can send me an email and suggest a trade. But most likely I will turn it down. I usually trade with other customizers. Custom for custom type of deals. I love doing those when I have the time.
I also sometimes trade for stock dolls. But this is only if I am looking for a certain release. I will post a WTT post in FB or somewhere and mention if I want to trade for work. So trades are okay sometimes.
I also do trades with my friends sometimes. For sewing help, re roots etc.

I also get a lot of questions about where my dolls are available. There are a few places where I list them. Here in my blog or in my Etsy store
Sometimes due to lack of time I might do a quick listing on Adopt a Doll- group in Facebook.
I also let you know in my Instagram if a doll is for sale. So the best way to keep track is by following my IG and blog for any updates. My Facebook page is personal. I do not have an official dolly FB page.
At the moment I am very lucky that my dolls sell very fast. Usually within 1 hour. I live in UK so if you are in a different timezone you might miss out.  There really is not much I can do about it unfortunately. 😦

I get a lot of questions through different platforms. However I only answer emails. So with any questions please email me at:
It is confusing to keep track of different sites so I find it easiest if communication goes through one place rather than many.

I know I am a bit all over the place. I do everything myself. Including book keeping and taxes (I don’t have an accountant). I work from home and my daughter is here most of the time so I am constantly interrupted. I do all my listings in a hurry and prefer a smooth transaction between me and the customer.
I really love my work a lot and am so so happy I was able to turn a hobby into a business. That was something that scared me in the beginning and I’ve paid a huge price for it. Anyone who owns a business knows how stressful it can be. Maybe one day I will have more time and I’ll be more organized but for now I don’t have more to offer. My health and my family goes first and everything else comes after that however much I love my Blythes. Hope you all understand this. 🙂

Have an amazing autumn and keep checking my sites!


PS. My monkey has started a half day nursery so I have the luxury of 3h 4 days a week for purely work! Yay!