Tabitha (SOLD)


So this is Tabitha! And here comes the info! READ CAREFULLY!

  • Base doll is old factory Blythe. This means she is not a fake. Marked “A b” inside front plate and metal ring is missing from the back plate round hole.
  • Eye mech is from a legit Blythe
  • 3 pairs of realistic Puppelina chips and one handpainted by me
  • Soft hand dyed alpaca re root by Piprrot in 2 tones of red. Very awesome!
  • Tilt neck Licca body
  • Will travel dressed and I will add some goodies to go with her because of my mess up!


  • Eye balls get a bit stuck so you need to help them out with your finger
  • Re root is on a Coolcat dome so the colour and fit is not 100% accurate to that of the face.
  • Licca has a stain on one shoulder


AUCTION OVER! Thank you everyone who made offers!!! ❤️