Elinor & Marianne (sold)

Meet sisters Elinor & Marianne! They are looking for a home.

  • Base dolls: PD Aubrey and Aubrena. I might have mixed their scalps and eye mechs.
  • Nude Licca bodies
  • All new chips on both girls. 2 pairs of realistic Puppelina chips, one pair of Brainworms and one hand painted.
  • Lid art but no sleep eyes.
  • Elinor (short hair) has a closed mouth and Marianne (long hair) has open mouth with teeth.
  • Hair washed and conditioned plus trimmed
  • Eyebrows
  • FLAWS: Elinor’s eye mech gets a bit stuck on one pair. Needs a little help. Some small pry marks.


  Elinor and Marianne  Elinor
  Elinor and Marianne
Elinor  Marianne


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