This is Parker.  She is a hybrid Blythe.

  • Base doll Star Dancer (RBL mold)
  • Scalp from Simply Thumpty Thump (cropped and treated)
  • Lids from unknown legit Blythe release
  • Tan Licca body (nude)
  • 4 new pairs of chips. 2 realistic Puppelina and 2 hand painted.
  • Option for sleep eyes (just unhook the spring)
  • Open mouth with wonky teeth
  • Lots and lots of freckles
  • Matte lips
  • Purple lashes
  • Painted lids

She has a few flaws. 

  • Since scalp comes from different mold (FBL) the fit is not 100%. Also notice that scalp comes from a pale Blythe!
  • Tan skin colour is not 100% similar than the one on the tan Licca




2 thoughts on “Parker

  1. Hi! Is this doll sold?
    I am wanting to buy a gift for my daughters 6th b day which is August 9th. I would absolutely LoVE one of your dolls! She would be so happy!

    1. Hi!

      All of the dolls on my site are sold. I will have a new doll available probably next week.

      I am not sure if you are familiar with custom Blythe dolls? They are not toys. They are adult art collectibles. šŸ™‚ My dolls cost around 1500-3000$.

      If you look around Etsy and Ebay for custom Blythe you will find lots! In different price range too. Good luck! šŸ™‚


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