Hapuna and her beach hut

Say Aloha to Hapuna!

Hapuna is the newest addition to my ever growing series of Hawaii Girls. She is special because she comes with her own beach hut. The hut is located on a busy Hawaiian beach where Hapuna sells snacks, drinks and beach toys. She also hires surfboards. And needless to say is an awesome surfer herself. The call her the “Sunset Surfer” because she likes to close down her little store and hit the beach when the sun goes down.


  • Pre loved Heather Sky (she was very slightly carved when I got her)
  • Hatsune Miku scalp. Washed, conditioned and cut to a trendy bob.
  • Original Takara body
  • Travels with two different sets of bathing suits, a headband and two flower hairclips.
  • Sleep eyes and lid art
  • 4 pairs of new chips. 2 realistic, one handpainted and one Takara
  • eyebrows
  • brown and golden shimmery freckles

The hut:

  • Built in a sturdy cardboard suitcase
  • Covered with real painted wood and wallpaper
  • Inside walls real bamboo and wallpaper
  • window is plastic. Has no “glass”
  • Curtain made of Bamboo. Can be closed.
  • Decorated with photos of surfers and Hawaii
  • All you see in the pictures is included. Including: The house, surfboards, soda fridge (bottles are glued in), beach toys, real sea shells, a rug, two Ikea lounge chairs and little drinks.
  • All the decoration has been glued into the walls but otherwise you can use your imagination and furnish the house as you please.
  • Important:
  • The house is not a toy. It is an adult display item.
  • You can take it outside for a photoshoot but do not get it wet!!!
  • When closed all the stuff included will not fit inside
  • A Neo Blythe will not fit inside when hut is closed.



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