Poppy and her Summer House

This is Poppy. She spends all her summers in her little Summer House that is hidden deep in a forest on a flowery meadow. All she can hear is the wind in the trees, the bees buzzing and the birds singing. She has a little garden where she grows all her food that she cooks in her kitchen.

Poppy is a Honey Bunny once more SBL Blythe. Here are her details:

  • Carved nose mouth and philtrum
  • Hair washed conditioned and bangs cut
  • 4 pairs of new chips : 2 realistic, one handpainted and one Coolcat
  • Sleep eyes
  • 3 different colour freckles
  • Open mouth with teeth inside
  • Tilt neck Licca body
  • Travels in a dress by Sevastra, a MissBlythe cardigan, yellow legwarmers, hat and custom stock boots

Information about the house:

  • Built in a small cardboard suitcase (very sturdy material)
  • Covered with real unpainted wood
  • Inside walls and floor painted wood
  • All you see in the pics is included!!!
  • Please notice that all the furniture does not fit inside if you want to carry dollhouse
  • Blythe DOES NOT fit inside dollhouse if you close it!!!



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