Aloha Awalua!

This here is Awalua. She is my 12th Hawaii Girl. She loves the sun, beach, surfing and pineapples (You see one hanging from her pullstring).

  • Her basedoll is Heather Sky RBL.
  • She has Miss Sally Rice scalp (with no flanges. Glued on HS dome) Washed and conditioned.
  • She comes with a tan Licca body. Her make up is made to match the slightly orange tone of the body. Please notice the match is not 100% accurate.
  • She will travel nude.
  • She has an option for sleep eyes. This means that the string keeping her eyes open is hooked. By unhooking it she will have sleep eyes. 
  • She has an open mouth with teeth peeking from the inside. You can see them only from certain angle. Lips are glossed.
  • She has few nice details like glittery lashes and neon coloured freckles.
  • All new handpainted chips by me.
  • She also has eyebrows that are mostly hidden by her bangs.  






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