This is Selkie. Selkie was born in the ocean as a seal but shed her skin and is now living rest of her days on earth as a human child.

  • She is a Miss Sally Rice with a gorgeous teal reroot by Piparrot. (Hair is slightly more green than it appears on my photos. I couldn’t capture it).
  • She has a pale Licca body to match her pale skin.
  • All new chips. Two are handpainted (K07doll) and two realistic glass chips (Puppelina).
  • She has realistic blue veins on her face.
  • Open mouth with teeth
  • Option for sleep eyes. You just need to un hook the spring. This will cause the lids to go down a bit.
  • Her front plate has a few small surface cracks on the hairline.
  • There is a small gap on the back between the scalp and plate.
  • Front hairline is not super neat. I’m not good with glue.


4 thoughts on “Selkie 

  1. Can I ask what price you feel comfortable with? I hate making offers as im unsure of the value with the flaws…. You have made her adorable

  2. I love your dolls! I had never seen them before today and happened to stumble across them on a Instagram. Out of interest, what are the value of these dolls (how much to buy?) and are they dolls for display or play?

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