Aloha Kuku’ula!

Meet Kuku’ula. She is the latest of my Hawaii Girl series. And yes! She is a bit different from her sisters because she is an albino. Keep her away from sun! She prefers rainy and cloudy days! 

Kuku’ula is a Simply Vanilla with a pale Licca body and an afro scalp from a fake Blythe. The hair is fun to style either wild or more flat. I have not treated the scalp in any way. Just added some lovely flower scent and gave a little trim.

She has painted eyelids and an option for sleep eyes. All you need to do is un-hook the string from the back. Please be aware that lids may drop down a bit after this. 

4 pairs of new chips. 2 realistic, one handpainted and one solid pink. 

She has open mouth and teeth you can see from certain ankle.


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