Project Ramona

I am doing something for myself! Yes, you heard me. A travel buddy for US. Why now? You ask. Well…I think it’s better to travel with your own creation. If I took my other custom girls (boy) I would be afraid to take them out or lose them with luggage or something. And incase I meet any of the US dolly friends it might be fun to have one of your own with you.

I have not yet decided who or how many girls will travel with me. I might take a friend for Ramona. I might also have to sell a few more girls. That is if I don’t manage to do some FA girls before travels. Will keep you posted about that!

Anyhow. Ramona is a Cinnamon Girl. She will have the super awesome Fake Blythe scalp. I’ll keep her pink chips because I loooove EBL pinks! And some cool blue toned special chippies you see in the pic.
She’ll also have a tan Licca body. The shade will be off but atleast it’s a Licca. There’s no way I will keep the Takara original. Eww.
I’m also thinking peeking teeth. 🙂

Stay tuned for more pictures later!




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