Easter Monday

I packed my little family and some dolls in the buggy and we headed to the south coast of Helsinki for a little picnic. The weather is amazing! +17c! We bought lunch from a tiny Fazer bakery in Tehtaankatu. I had totally forgotten that little café. We used to live in the same block before the birth of our daughter. I really miss that neigborhood. I wish to return there once we come back from the US.

I tried taking some Blythe photos with my Canon EOS 1000D. But I’m so used to the comfort of my iPhone camera that I don’t enjoy it as much as I used to. First of all there’s never enough light. Not even on a sunny day like today. And it’s so goddamn bright I can’t see from the tiny screen if the photos are any good! Super annoying! Super!!!

Will upload the photos to computer soon to see whether I managed to take any decent pics. Luckily you can do something with Photoshop but it doesn’t make blurry photos focused.





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