The Inventory

I had a look in my dolly stash today. I have a few baits, a fake Blythe and what I believe is a factory Blythe. I have a bunch of scalps (only one has a dome – ugh!) and 3 sets of Icy eye mechs. I also have a Pullip and a Dal.

The plan is to do something with them before we move. Maybe a few DIY Tiina girls? I do the make-up and you find the hair, eyes and body kind of deal? How does that sound? Maybe give away the scalps for someone who re roots?

Bait blythe rescue projects have always been my favourite. The other girl’s nose looks like quite the challenge…




2 thoughts on “The Inventory

  1. Sounds awesome 😀 Can’t wait to see the result of the bait girl on the rigth, this nose seams unrescueable… but you are well known from mission impossible!

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