It’s been years since I last went to see a movie in a theatre. Why? You ask. I feel very uncomfortable in closed spaces. So rather than torturing myself and not enjoying the movie I like to watch movies in the comfort of my own home.

But today was a special occasion. There are certain movies I need to see in the theatre. Like Wes Anderson movies. Today I saw the much anticipated (by me) Grand Budapest Hotel. And it was so worth it! Not only was it fun to go out by myself for a change but it was also a great experience. Both the movie plus not feeling uncomfortable.

The movie was visually stunning. So full of detail and amazing sets. It also felt sort of familiar in a way. The snowy streets and the buildings reminded me of my hometown, Helsinki.
Needles to say the cast was out of this world! With Ralph Fiennes in the leading role. I loved the lobby boy too. And Willem Dafoe was great – as usual!

Highly recommended! Want to see it again soon.

And I also had a beer with a friend afterwards. Oh yummy!




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