Oh Boy!

So here is the first official post in my brand new and shiny blog. It’s still a bit of a mystery what this blog will be all about. But I know it’ll be filled with pictures and news of my dearest hobby: dolls. And of my future adventure: move to the United States of America. That will happen in the autumn so there is still time. But I’ll just make up some stuff until then.

I am still a bit unsure whether to write in finnish or english. Finnish would be easier but then again if only a handful of my finnish friends read the blog every now and then I really don’t see the point. They are capable of reading english too so… I guess I answered my own question there!
I do have to warn you though. My english is faaar from perfect! So mistakes will be made. But bare with me. I hope it will get better once I have to start using the language daily.

I used a photo of my latest custom doll Casablanca in this post. My plan is to document my adventures (and dolls and shit) with lots of photos. And to write a sort of journal. For myself to remember and for you to enjoy. So here we go! Enjoy!


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