Poppy and her Summer House

This is Poppy. She spends all her summers in her little Summer House that is hidden deep in a forest on a flowery meadow. All she can hear is the wind in the trees, the bees buzzing and the birds singing. She has a little […]

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Aloha Awalua!

This here is Awalua. She is my 12th Hawaii Girl. She loves the sun, beach, surfing and pineapples (You see one hanging from her pullstring). Her basedoll is Heather Sky RBL. She has Miss Sally Rice scalp (with no flanges. Glued on HS dome) Washed […]

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Katty is looking for home

This here is Katty. She’s a cool young lady and she wants to see the world.  She is a Fruit Punch EBL Blythe with Cinnamon Girl scalp and Licca body. All new chips including two handpainted ones and two Brainworms.  She has lid art but […]

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Selkie is for adoption

UPDATE! Ebay messed up my listing! Thought that I was still in USA and offered only USA shipping. Read further for more info! I apologize for any inconvenience! This is Selkie. Selkie was born in the ocean as a seal but shed her skin and […]

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Aloha Kuku’ula!

Meet Kuku’ula. She is the latest of my Hawaii Girl series. And yes! She is a bit different from her sisters because she is an albino. Keep her away from sun! She prefers rainy and cloudy days!  Kuku’ula is a Simply Vanilla with a pale […]

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March for adoption

This here is March! She is an unknown baity EBL with an Enchanted Petal scalp. I am suspecting she is a Disco Boogie but I am not certain. Please read carefully! open mouth and teeth carved lines on lips 4 pairs of new chips Licca […]

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Sutton for Adoption

Here’s Sutton! My first girl after a small break. Please read carefully before you make an offer!!! Sutton is a bait factory girl I gave a new life to. The poor lady comes with a bunch of flaws. I have replaced her original eyeballs with […]

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The little artist girl

She is an Icy Doll (a Blythe clone doll). I have replaced her original body with a Takara body/Licca hybrid (hands Licca and rest of the body Takara. She has a tiny Nike logo on one ankle because the body used to belong to Courtney […]

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First Snow

“Streets here at home had rapidly filled up With the whitest of snow And they don’t make no excuse for themselves And there’s no need, I know…” -First Aid Kit Photoshoot with Lane (May Yeo custom) and Slava (K07 Doll custom). My little blondies.

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