The little artist girl

She is an Icy Doll (a Blythe clone doll). I have replaced her original body with a Takara body/Licca hybrid (hands Licca and rest of the body Takara. She has a tiny Nike logo on one ankle because the body used to belong to Courtney […]

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First Snow

“Streets here at home had rapidly filled up With the whitest of snow And they don’t make no excuse for themselves And there’s no need, I know…” -First Aid Kit Photoshoot with Lane (May Yeo custom) and Slava (K07 Doll custom). My little blondies.

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Custom Update!

Here’s a little update on my current custom work situation! We are moving again in less than two months. We are leaving the USA and going back to Europe. Scotland is our next destination. I have a bunch of trades I need to finish before […]

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Waikiki from Hawaii

Meet Waikiki. She is my latest Hawaii Girl. Base doll is Sunshine Holiday (RBL). She has a tan Licca body (colour matching with face is not 100% accurate) And a wild curly hair from a fake Blythe doll (the scalp fit is not perfect because […]

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“Rosemary Heaven restores you in life You’re coming with me Through the aging, the fear and the strife It’s the smiling on the package It’s the faces in the sand It’s the thought that moves you upwards Embracing me with two hands Right will take […]

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Little Margot

Since ages I have wanted to make a Margot Tenenbaum inspired Blythe. When I got this Mondrian in a trade I immediately thought that her hair reminded me of Margot and so…here she is.

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